COURTSHIP WITH MARRIAGE IN VIEW (1) – Dealing With Its Duration #TheFinalSay

Courtship is very vital and necessary for an intending couple to learn and observe one another. It is a period to get to know each other intimately apart from carnal knowledge and illicit romance. It is a time to watch and pray. It is during courtship that proper biblical foundation is laid down in order to have a fulfilled married life.Nevertheless, does it mean courtship should last for so long till every information and detail is gathered? It is equally essential that parents or guardians grant their consent and lend their support before permanently cementing the union (Gen 24:54-59). But how long should courtship last?What are the pointers or signs that determine the readiness of an intending couple for marriage? When is it exactly proper to begin preparations for wedding? Does the Bible really specify the duration of courtship and other necessary things to put in place? All these concerns are captured in this episode of TFS…

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