COURTSHIP WITH MARRIAGE IN VIEW (2) – Dealing With Expectations #TheFinalSay

Courtship is a period to plan for the wedding and the marriage. It is a period to undertake comprehensive marriage counseling sessions from seasoned marriage counselors. After proposing to a lady and she has agreed to marry you, the next thing to do is to obey the biblical injunction to prove all things – 1 Thess 5:21.God is the one that ordained the institution of marriage. It will be dangerously disastrous for anyone to attempt to establish a home without Him. Courtship is not a period to play pranks, but an opportunity to build-up our ranks for the journey ahead. Wedding may take a day but marriage takes a lifetime.Before you venture into wedding plans, both of you must agree on a lot of things like what you both want for your marriage. Can two walk together unless they are agreed? (Amos 2:2). How do you check and correct the expectations and aspirations that prospective partners hold? Watch this episodeā€¦

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