DIVORCE 2: Prenuptial Agreements #TheFinalSay

Our society has witnessed a staggering number of divorce cases and yet the number continues to soar on daily basis. And so, is divorce inevitable? Particularly for Christians, would it be wise for intending couples to begin to prepare for the aftermath of marriage?It might be shocking, but some people uphold that prenuptial agreements are necessary and that anyone who does not sign one is a fool. But God’s standards contradict the world’s (Romans 12:2). The existence of a prenuptial agreement means the couple envisaged divorce before they were even married, hence the need to preempt the sharing of their assets.In the Christian context, God intended marriage to be permanent, lasting as long as both spouses are alive. Then, is it true that to have a prenuptial agreement already allows for the possibility of divorce? In this episode of TFS, you will learn whether Bible supports the idea that a Christian engaged couple should put plans in place just in case the eventuality of divorce occurs.

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