DIVORCE: The root! – Episode 2 #TheFinalSay (Full HD)

Nowadays, families are no longer as strong as they were in generations past. Family values seems to be deteriorating. Divorce rates and family breakdowns are normal in this era given the circumstances. But are there telltale signs that points to the eventuality of divorce?No doubt, the end of a marriage is one of the most emotionally painful human experiences and it can be so awful that you wonder it was better to stay unmarried. Considering the spate of divorce in our society, is divorce really preventable or is it inevitable?What are the possible causes, effects and solutions to divorce? From the very beginning of creation, what were the intentions of God before instituting marriage? All these questions, from the position of the Scripture, would be straightened out in this episode of #TFS!Let us have your opinion too.#TheFinalSay

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