IN DISGUISE! | #friendzwithyou EP 14 | Directedby Oladipo O’Fresh | NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN WEBSERIES

Christians mostly have ways through which they want God to bless them, or should we say; how we prefer that God’s blessings come upon us, however God’s ways are not our ways neither are his taught our taught, however in whatever situation we find ourselves we need to look deep inside, and ask questions, questions like… could this be a blessing in disguise? enjoy episode 14 people…Please share if you love it and remember to push the subscribe button if you haven’t THIS CHRISTIAN WEBSERIES will help you learn how to relate better with people irrespective of the situation you find yourself… build up your personality, it’s time to get better.THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY EMEKA, JAMES.MOYO, YEJIDE, SEUNWritten by Ebenezer EbexDirected by Oladipo O’Fresh Executive Producers; Peter Bayo Adewuyi and Ayokunle Fatokun#friendzwithyou, #madebyofresh #studiofreshpro

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