MARITAL LOYALTY – Episode 4 #TheFinalSay

Seriously, if there is anything that is fast fading in our society, it is loyalty. Furthermore, Seneca, a Roman senator, once said, “Loyalty is the holiest of virtues.” Therefore, to what extent should spouses submit and support one another in the name of loyalty?Mostly, should our highest loyalty be for self alone or should it be considered alongside the opinions of other people in our lives? Proverbs 19:22 clearly states that, “What is desired in a man is his loyalty (RSV).” Perhaps, just because people are different, should our loyalties be different?Loyalty refers to steadfastness in your support and effort to a certain cause. It means constant devotion in character and service, and never betraying commitments to your faith, family, friends, occupation, community and country.Watch this episode of TFS and learn the importance of marital loyalty…

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