MOUNTAIN PRAYERS – Episode 3 #TheFinalSay (Full HD)

Generally, prayer is a deeply spiritual exercise that brings the desirable influence of God upon our situations. It is also true that prayer is the direct hotline that connects us to heaven.But then, should we be more concerned with where to pray than what to pray? Perhaps, there are some definite locations or precise hotspots that are guaranteed to speed up the answers to our prayers.Indeed, Jesus in John 4:21 says a time comes that we would neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem worship God. In other words, as regards prayers, it is never a contention of location as it is with a question of connection. Surely, this episode of TFS promises to be enlightening as Pastor Alex Adegboye takes time to explain what is required and most important when you pray.What do you think? We appreciate your comments.Watch more episodes at

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