Omo Araye Le | #friendzwithyou EP 9 | Directedby Oladipo O’Fresh | NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN WEBSERIES

Bro James, decided to invite his gurlfriend over to the house, and thing began to get cozy, however a friend shows up in emeka, who eventually turns out to be the buzz kill, one week down the line, seunfunmi became very ill, and orooluwa’s drama is about to blow things out of proportion, enjoy episode 9 peeps. Please share if you love it and remember to push the subscribe botton if you havent THIS CHRISTIAN WEBSERIES will help you learn how to relate better with people irrespective of the situation you find yourself… build up your personality, it’s time to get better. THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY featuring EMEKA, JAMES.MOYO, YEJIDE, SEUN Written by Ebenezer Ebex Directed by Oladipo O’Fresh Executive Producers; Peter Bayo Adewuyi and Ayokunle Fatokun #friendzwithyou, #madebyofresh #studiofreshpro

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